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Below you will find links to other pages that describe example applications of our products. In addition, below the links you will find links to more PDF files that explain sample applications in greater details. Click on the document description below each Application in order to view or download additional information. To read a PDF file in your browser, you must have the current, free version of Adobe's Acrobat Reader. Please click here to go to Adobe's page to install this product.

Links to In-Process GmbH Extensive Application Documents in Various Industries

Process Monitoring and Process Control

Laboratory / Technology / Research

Quality Control, Environmental Protection

Special Applications

Iron, Steel, Metallurgy

Chemistry / Pharma

Catalysis, Fuel Cells

High-purity Gases, Trace Analysis

Exhaust Gas Analysis

Special Applications, Laboratory & Research

Additional Sample Applications for the In-Process Mass Spectrometers

Samples Application 1: Optimization of Drying Processes in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Mass-spectrometric online gas analysis ensures better process understanding, simplifies monitoring and reduces drying times.

Application Description and Summary

More Information and Chart

Samples Application 2: Production Process of Nuclear Fuel

The IMU 200 mass spectrometer system is designed for the automatic monitoring of enriched and de-enriched uranium hexafluoride in the production process of nuclear fuel.

Application Description and Summary


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