In-Process Instruments Inc.

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In-Process Instruments Inc.

Online mass spectrometers and fiber optic spectrometers for high performance gas analysis in production and laboratory environments.

Expanded Capabilities

We supply equipment and solutions to allow On-line, At-line, and In-line continuous Process Measurement and Control by Mass Spectrometers and Fiber Optic Spectrometers.  The continuous monitoring and control of reactants, intermediates and products will aid in enabling green and sustainable chemistry production in the petrochemical, pharmaceutical, steel, uranium hexa-fluoride (UF6) production plants and laboratories.

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In-Process Instruments GmbH

On-line mass spectrometers from In-Process Instruments GmbH; Bremen, Germany.
InProcess Instruments, (IPI) was founded in 1997 by Wolfgang Hrosch and Bernd Laser.  IPI is located in Bremen, Germany and was formed by transferring process mass spectrometry technology - based on quadrupole mass spectrometer technology - from Balzers AG (now Inficon AG), Liechtenstein, to IPI in Bremen, Germany.  In-Process Instruments has a world wide presence with instruments on all continents.
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On-line fiber optic UV-VIS and NIR spectrophotometers from Avantes; Eerbeek, Netherlands.
Avantes is a leading company in the field of low cost spectroscopy and fiber optic applications. Avantes offers miniature spectrometer systems for on-line measurements and analysis, which consist of a spectrometer, light source, fiber optic cables or other fiber optic based sampling for UV-VIS and NIR.  
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